IAA Wanted Lists...add YOURS to this thread!

OK, I would like the following items. Some are general, some specific. Please e-mail or PM me if you have any for sale or trade. I will try to keep the list current. I would happily send any of my specific Want Lists via e-mail or regular mail.

11x36R Gasser/Montenegrin rounds with military headstamps.
Military, non-US .45 ACP cartridges.
7.63 Mauser and 7.62x25 Tokarev, all lots, dates, and loadings. I have specific Want Lists for these.
Military and police loads and headstamps in .32/7.65 ACP. I have specific lists for these also.
7.62x25 Tokarev: any “60” headstamp.
Hungarian 7.63 Mauser with * / * / * / * / headstamp, especially alum. case.
.32/7.65 ACP: any F TC I, GeO, Bulgarian B/A/Q, B * 3, and 10 headstamps, any dou.
7x57 Mauser headstamps: BOLIVIA, PRATORIA, TIRO REDUCIDO, ESA, * 19 * 14, K.B.W.

I have a few items you may be interested in one is a box small sealed box marked Per pistola M. 34 P.B. 1943 i dont know the cal. I also have a 10 round packet of 7.62X25 If you send your E mail address I can send pictures. I put my short want list wish more listed here. Thanx Jerry

Hi - Updated to add:

CAWS and TRICAP variations
Any of the more recent LSAT/CTSAS telescoped 5.56, 6.5 or 7.62mm variations
.276 Pedersen variations
.338 Win Mag flechette load
.264 USA
.277 USA


Want to buy or trade for boxes of T291 Cal .30 MATCH, 1957, FA Lots 1 and 2. I’ll even take a photograph of the label.

And the following boxes:

FA 1951, AP, Lots 901 or 902
FA 1952 Ball
FA 1953 Ball
TW 1954 Ball, Lot 41279
FA 1954 Ball, Lots 4302 or 4303
FA 1955 Ball, Lot 4317
FA 1956, Lot 2166

Also want any pre-NATO LR cartridges and boxes.

I have a lot of duplicates to trade. I have a lot of cash to buy.

Just realized I posted my want list in the wrong place earlier, here it is anyway:

Looking for the following:

Adcom (Caracal of Dubai) 9x19 steel-tip AP

Italian-made THV clones - any caliber

Finish-made THV clones - any caliber

.22 Winmag THV

South African Monads 9mm

SIB (French AP) - any caliber

ALIA (French AP) - any caliber

VBR (Belgian AP) - any caliber

Nammo “BHP7” or “BNTHP7” 9x19

Danish “Med-Stalkappe” 9x19 (M/39B clone)

Mesko 9x19 AP

6.5x25 CBJ

.224 VOB

Russian 7N16 (9x18 makarov AP)

Russian 7N25 (9x18 makarov AP)

Russian 7N30 (9x19 steel-tip 9mm AP)

Russian 7N31 APT (green or blue tip 9x19)

Russian 7BT3 (green or blue tip 9x21 APT)

Cheddite .38spl or .357mag with “FMS” spitz pointed bullet

Libra Snail 9mm - any color

P.M. or email me, Thanks

Wanted 7.62 x 39mm.: All Countries,all loadings,Case and Projectile draw sets,marked boxes,crates etc…I am especially interested in Mid Eastern, and North Korean produced rounds.Please advise what you have.
Charles. J . Wells (Jack)
SGM. USA. Ret.

.30-40 Krag Want List
Randy Hedeen

Third Model Dummy with flutes all the way to the case shoulder
Any Krag cartridge with Frontal Ignition Tube
Experimental Frankford Arsenal Wood Bullet Blanks
Early Reduced Range Cartridge without blackened case
Early Guard Load with 156 grain lead bullet AND 42 grain round ball beneath bullet
Frankford Arsenal Berdan Primed Case
Early Gallery Load with flat-nosed lead bullet and knurled seating cannelure on case
UMC 156 grain lead Guard Load
REM-UMC 156 grain lead Guard Load
UMC Gallery Load with round ball at case mouth
UMC 30-40-158 Riot Load
WRACO Paper bullet Blank with W.R.A.Co. 29 headstamp
Western Cartridge Co. M3 (no bullet) blank with WESTERN 32 headstamp
WRACO Paper Bullet Blank with W.R.A.Co. 30 U.S.G. headstamp
UMC Dummy with four case holes, with or without tinned case
Dunn-Freeman Sliding Base Cartridge
WRACO case with groove about ¼” above rim (extraction experimental)
Scott Patent Multi-ball with THREE bullets
ANY Board Dummy Cartridge
Any cartridge with case material other than brass
Need the following Frankford Arsenal dates:
1894: 4, 5, 9, 12, 1895: 1, 3, 1896: 3, 4, 5, 1897: 2, 1899: 7, 1900: 1, 1905: 4, 1906: 8, 1907: 9
F A 4 11, F A 6 15

WANTED: “Special Purpose”

.22 to .50 BMG “color tipped” rounds
(avoiding most blanks, wood & paper bullets)

odd A/P, KTW Teflon variations (seek KTW rifle rounds)

saboted rounds

A/P, tracers, incendiary variants,



“less lethal” items bean bag, rubber ball, buck, baton, teargas variations, launching cartridges.

In general the more specialized “wierd” the better

military CADS (cartridge activated devices),

Hollifield Dotter (seek .30 Krag, .38 short, 45 ACP)

Wanted “Tear Gas”

Seek vintage tear gas items, primarily US.

Seek cartridges larger than .38, (all shot shell calibers thru .410 and up to 37/40 mm).

“beer can” sized “grenade” canisters “the earlier the better” Lake Erie, Federal, S & W,

Reference material, instructions, packaging, advertising.

Especially interested in “pen gun” (billys & batons) launchers & rounds
(both tear gas & flare)

'usually have good trade stock.

Pepper Burruss, e-photos appreciated

Wanted: .50 caliber military cartridges, projectiles, boxes, draw sets, etc. BMG, BAT, Gyrojet, Wildcats, derivatives (.30/.50, .50/.60, .50/20mm, etc.) and experimentals (Folded, Chicklet, Telescoped, caseless, etc.).

I got some great items with my last post these are a few of what I would like to acquire.

303 British Mk 1 cordite, Mk 1 Powder singles

Tropical pak of any British cal.

WWI or earlier packet of 455 Webly

I have little idea what any of these are worth and will pay what seems fair. Thank You

Wanted: singles, partial boxes, fulll boxes, see below

9mm Parabellum — Lightfield Alpha sabot, AAI, GEA (first type not ANSB), USN green-tip subsonic (issued with S&W ‘Hush Puppy’), Hirtenberger EMB (Austrian, not current import), Glaser Black MV

.44 Special — PMC Ultramag, full boxes

12ga – Choke Bonded (ceramic buckshot), Lightfield Alpha AP sabot (not commercial hunting slug), quadrangle buckshot (Choke or other makers), full boxes of Sellier & Bellot ‘bird bombs’

.308/7.62x51mm — Dynamit Nobel ‘Game Dispatch’ (lightweight AP, prefer w/box), RUAG AP, Lapua Forex Tactical, Olin/Win SLAP

25mm — dummy/inax 25mm GD or ATK for Barrett ‘Payload’ rifle, even a spent case desired, original or XM109

9mmP, .45acp, .38Sp, .357M, .40SW, .223. .308— oversize factory cutaway/demo/training cartridge mockups

US Blue inax training rounds for 40mm, GBU/CBU, rifle grenade, etc.

Full boxes of DAG blue plastic training rounds in .38sp, .5.56x45mm and .380ACP

Trade stock is minimal, mostly recent US LEO-marketed 9mmP, .40SW, and 5.56x45mm/.223

Thanks for looking!


SAKO packets, singles, catalogs, ammunition promotional items. Any calibre, any age - even current production, mostly commercial items but will look at military items.

COYOTE GETTER packaging. These were 38 special cases loaded with sodium cyanide to poison coyotes. Older commercial packaging and official Government loads. Any plain packaging that states POISON and AMMUNITION might be what I am after. Also M44 ejector packaging - the modern non cartridge version.

PEST CONTROL/CULLING singles and Packaging. Any official loads for pest control. War time issue for farmers, government (Wildlife service, agriculture department, National Parks etc) loads, aerial culling loads, subsonic hunting/pest control loads. Australia and New Zealand have a number of these type of loads. I am sure USA, Canada and Africa would have these sorts of loads too.

I am “dabbling” in 7.65 x 53.5 Mauser…I acquired a few cartridges at last SLICS…looking for anything I don’t have, including boxes…might be, since I have so few, you could let me know what you have rather than me listing mine here…Thanks !!


I updated mine a bit. Hope to see more here, hope some guys have gotten some help.

Wanted large bore and tank fired APDS and APFSDS inert items. See my seperat ad in this “Buy/ Sell /Trade” area for some crazy stuff I have for trade :-) Thanks!



1901 pigeon no.10
1901 blue rival no.14
WRACO XX no.10
metal lined no.10
1901 metal lined no.4 and no.10
yellow rival no.14
WRACO no.12

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Navratil

Did another update. Anyone else got a Want List to share? You never know…

I am looking for pretty much anything APFSDS and APDS (including TP rounds) small caliber to tank.
Interested in nearly any modern cannon rounds .50 and bigger up to tank ammunition. More specifically interested in any variations of the 25x137mm, and 35x228mm, or any parts, casings, projectiles, cores, anything related to the above.

Email: RhysW117@gmail.com

CETME variations (7.62x40, 7.92x40 or related) interest me greatly, or any research material on the subject.
I also keep my eyes open for pinfire headstamp variations, experimentals, and error cartridges.

Looking for 335 halger. Please offer per PM. Pickup And payment in september in germany.