IAA web site blocked

An interesting occurrence today while in the Saratoga Hospital(Saratoga Springs, NY). I was in the waiting room while my wife was in for an out-patient procedure. I fired up the iPad and logged on to the hospital WiFi. When I tried to access the IAA forum site it blocked me. Reason; “Weapons not allowed”. ( I was carrying a concealed firearm.) When I tried other firearms and related sites including manufacturer’s sites that are bookmarked on my iPad, not one was denied. Of the 2 dozen or so sites attempted this site was the only one denied…
Some program called Surf monitor or something like that was the culprit. interesting.

Sportclay, as a long time IT Manager, I love free WIFI as well. A word of caution though, if it is free and open to the public, you can bet bad guys are on it and will try to hack your computer. Just a thought.

As for blocking the site, it doesn’t surprise me. Some people out there love to force their political opinions on others. If they don’t like guns, they are going to make sure no one else can look it up either. Figures, it’s a real double standard in this country today. Someone says that they are all for diversity and tolerance but don’t dare disagree with them on something they believe in or they will become militant about it . . . just like this whole Chic Fil A thing. The poor guy was asked a question and he gave his opinion and they attacked him.

We are going to see more gun hatred and blocked sites in the future. I think we all need to help to educate people. They think that “guns kill people”.

I saw an interesting article the other day that compared gun deaths in this country to deaths from mal-practice/doctor mistakes. Deaths from Doctors was 10 times the amount of deaths from guns. Maybe that hospital should ban websites related to doctors! LOL

Everyone have a great weekend!