Iaa website problems

Our hosting outfit upgraded to a new version of PHP (without telling us) and some minor tweaks were needed to be compatible.
(If you understand that, great, if not, don’t worry)

All fixed now.

No danger to your machines at any time.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Mr. Webmaster,

Thanks for all you do to keep this forum up. I’m sure few would have known anything about the problems had you not mentioned it! Shows how smooth the operation is due to your efforts no doubt.


I don’t seem to be able to log in using Mozilla Firefox Version 3.0.5, although IE7 has let me log in. Any ideas ?

Armourer- I am posting right now with Firefox 3.0.5.

No idea why you are having problems, or how to fix. Sorry.

I wasn’t able to see the IAA homepage using firefox.Now it is working

I can’t access the website via my Blackberry - worked fine a few days ago but not anymore! Can anyone help?

Dave S

I’ve found that Netscape version (most recent, and final version) will not load the IAA website (the download message window pops up), but I.E. and Firefox are fine. I use the Netscape browser at work during the day because it is the fastest browser for the dial-up connection on that computer. I’m using the Firefox browser now, but it seems to be much slower on the dial-up for all website browsing as opposed to Netscape, and I.E. is pretty slow at this speed as well. I use Firefox at home on the cable modem with no problem.

I can bring up the IAA Westie no problem with either Netscape Browser 8.1 or Windows Internet Explorer. The latter is much faster, although both are quick. On explorer, it takes me only about two to three seconds to bring up IAA. Bqasically, its how fast can I punch the keys.