ICAA / IAA, ECCC / ECRA. Cartridges

Is there a listing of the various cartridges that have been issued for table holders,or to commerate the various “ICCA. / IAA.,and ECCC / ECRA” shows ?
Charles.J.Wells (Jack)
SGM. USA. Ret.


I haven’t seen any list. However, you missed a couple of clubs. AHFERM (Might have the initials wrong) which is the French National Club, and the California Cartridge Collectors Club (name now changed to Western States Cartridge Collectors).

Also the Nerw Zealand Club has had some, as had the Australian and Argentinian Clubs. The Spanish club has had at least a few also.

The first European one that I can think of off hand was when it was still ECCC not ECRA.

If someone wants to make a list, I will try to help from my own collection. I think I have all of the California annual ones, although there were personalized “Member of the Year” cartridges and I only have some of those.

There has also be Cartridge Show commemorative cartridges for Chicago, St. Louis and a couple of different shows in Pennsylvania. Jonny C. could provide the ones for his Pennsylvania Show, and perhaps Mel Carpenter and Vic Engel could handle St. Louis. Again, I have some of these, but not all of them. There may be others too, that I will find in my collection. I can’t think of them by memory.

It would be a nice list. It is almost a collecting field by itself. There are even some factory Commemoratives like some of the Winchester series, the CCI Retirement and Christimas cartridges, and some odds and ends from others - even one of the Finnish Arsenals made a “Christmas” headstamp on 7.62 x 54R for their employees in about 1925. I have that one in my collection. The list could be all encompassing, or only about Cartridge Collector Club Cartridges. In the whole category, I think I have slightly over 100 specimens, and my collection is pretty mediocre compared to some.

John Moss

Add the Rocky Mountain Cartridge Collectors Club. They had at least one, the predecessor to the .338 Lapua Magnum, the .416/.338 U.S. Navy-Haskins Sniper. Actually, I just looked at my Catalog and I see that round comes in two Show Commemorative versionS headstamped “R.M.C.C.A. 1985” and “I.C.C.A. 4-85 (bell)”

At AACAM we have:

7,65 x 54 mm Mauser - 1967

.50 Browning Machine Gun - 1967

.45 ACP - 1991

7,62 x 51 mm NATO Blank - 1997

7,65 x 61 mm Marina Argentina - 2006

Sgt. Major - Do you want to establish a format for a list? I think it should include country of origin, manufacturer if known, caliber, headstamp, and special=features description, if any, ie:
Chrome plated, normal appearance, no primer, holes in case, etc.

Probably should add the FA .30-06 Commemorative and the FA Tombstone dummies to such a list. This could get long, folks. But, it might be ne more valuable tool for collectors, and perhaps even an inspiration to some new collector to collect (in the beginning - we all “cheat” later) just commemorative and show cartridges.

There are also the Coors (Beer) Schutzenfest cartridges. I have a coupld, I think, but no idea how many they actually made. There is also at least one “Gun Club” cartridge.

I started collecting these under the idea of “special headstamped” cartridges, meaning personalized rounds, club cartridges and the like. It has been kind of my “secret” collection for years. I don’t have anywhere near all of them. Fede pointed out all the AACAM rounds and I think I only have two of those. I am missing ones from the French club, and even from IAA.

Thinking more, there have even been a few NRA Commemoratives. They were gifts in return for contributions. I should have had all of them, but a couple were never sent, and NRA seems to answer no questions about them, even to a Benefactor member. Almost borders on mail fraud. A shame for an otherwise great organization.

The list goes on!

Was initially only interested in the “IAA/ECRA Issue” ctgs,but seeing how this has opened up,it’s become much more interesting.
Perhams Ron could start/make a fornal listing,I’m having enough trouble “hunting & pecking” this much.
Either way it goes ,I appreciate every ones input, keep it coming

Have about 25 differend rounds in the collection.


As Jack knows well, I love to compile charts and lists. I would be glad to put all this into some form of list. However, I only have a few commemorative rounds, so I will depend on all you guys sending me the information. I will try to work up a tentative format so everybody knows what information I need.

One group that has not been mentioned, but probably should be included, are replica cartridges made up for Cartridge Shows, such as the boxed set set of Replica Crispens made for one of the CCCA shows.

The Crispins were actually made up for several shows, in different calibers, as I recall. Have not looked at my “special drawer” in some time. Will check it out when I add to the list.

They were among the CCCA (Now "Western States Cartridge Collectors) cartridges that I was talking about. Some are very nicely made replicas made basically from scratch, and others are factory components either originally headstamped for the CCCA purpose, or original headstamps removed and re-headstamped with the CCCA information.

I only have one, a gift from a friend who picked it up at an Ohio Cartridge Collectors Club show. It’s a 12 gauge brass and the date’s on the wad, 1972 I think. Don’t know what the 3 is for because the shell is empty.

Also some specimens form various sources

All over the years

Received an e-mail from Ron Merchant this AM.,and I think he is ready to start a listing. I am not sure how he will format the list,but please forward any listings to him.
Thanks to everyone.
Charles.J. Wells (Jack)
SGM. USA. Ret.

Here are the 2002-2006 entries from the PA Cartridge Collectors Shows. After 2006 they just got too expensive to make. Most are still available as singles or a complete set.

We also have some in Norway, headstamped S.A.R.A if I remember correctly. I can try to make a list of them later, I’m in the process of moving, and at the same time, very busy at work.

S.A.R.A is short of Scandinavian Ammunition Research Association

Hello you all,
Here are a few shotshells
Aguila from Denmark 1987
Sara from Norway 1987
AECC from Spain 2010
UKCC from the UK 1st anyversary 1991

Regards René

Polman - Please tell us the commermorative significance of the “Aguila” cartridges.

Hi John,
These cartridges are dated 1987 and have been made for the patronensamlerclub of denmark
I do not know if they are made for meetings or just a ‘clubcartridge’ that member could use to shoot.
But perhaps there are some Danish collectors who know more about them.

Regards rene

Rene - they probably were made for collectors, not for a shooting club.
“Patronensamlerclub” means in English “Cartridge Collector’s Club.”

Rene is right.

Aquila is the name of the Danish cartridges collector’s club, which started in 1985. The first years there was a new cartridge for the members to buy, for collection or use.

The name Aquila is from one of the oldelst cunmaker shop in Denmark with their “own” cartridges also called Aquila.