ICBM's for collecting

Apparently there is the possibility that at some point in the future, an ICBM of sorts will come available to cartridge collectors. I noticed this photo in a recent article on missile silo safety:

Just for that little spare place in my room

Marked INERT so is this a “dummy” or a “drill” round?

I think it will be illegal in California if they ever offer them as surplus. Everything else is illegal in California, especially if you are a U.S. Citizen. One of those would be a real eye-catcher sitting on your front lawn though. :-)

I want one, just to show up my friends that have a 16" proj. in their front yards & you know who you are Bruce

The INERT sticker on the Stage indicates a Trainer. Looks like one of the Minuteman III LFs at the SMIC at Hill AFB Utah. We also have mock ups of the Control Centers.

I could totally see the government doing something silly like surplussing it out in a scrap metal auction, marked as “inert training fuel tank” or some such thing. A lucky bidder would have one heck of an Ebay sale item.

Usually if auctioned for scrap they cut it into pieces before or part of the contract is that the item has to be cut into predicted sizes on site and under supervision of the seller.
And like here where confidentiality may matter many components will be removed before any civilian will get close. These components then are destroyed beyond recognition or are getting even burned or demolished. And as usual there is an SOP for all this which is telling all details and depending on what treaty (SALT, START, CFE etc.) an item may fall under even foreign inspectors may have to be invited to witness destruction.

All, don’t laugh about a surplus missile sale. A military collector in CA bought a Scud a few years back from England. When it arrived at a military base for delivery to him they discovered it still had the engine and guidance system intact. Never forget the government never makes mistakes.

Gourd, this depends also on the legisation of different countries. Means some require only inert status and some require much more. So buying in one country and importing something does not mean it will comply to the law of the importer’s country.
A very old issue with gun law for example where lots of stuff can be purchased in the US without any restriction that will bring a German importer for 5 years (or longer) into jail for example.

For example in the US one is not allowed to have any component of a MANPADS - including washers and screws…

Flactern, Well Done!!! I’m an old AFLC guy. Spent my last tour at Kelly. You have clearly been around the business.


My boss was an USAF MP many years ago, guarding ICBM installation in Western US. Someone interpreted a large cloud over the USSR as a nuclear launch. They were put on DEFCON 1 (I think), the CO ordered everyone “downstairs”, and told him to stay up alone for “visual verification” with constant radio control. The lift was left upstairs and he was to stand next to it and if he saw incoming ICBM’s, to jump into the lift and press “down” button. You know the rest of the story. He describes this as the most frightening time in his life.

For those interested this is an excellent video of a Minuteman III training launch simulation.