"ICEBERG" 9mm Makarov?

A guy on another site has posted about a 9x18 Mak round he found in a Barnaul box, with an ICEBERG 9MM headstamp. Anyone ever see that before?

No! Was there any other information or a picture on the other site?

John Moss

I asked him to check if it was 9x18 or x19. He said it was definitely x18, and unfortunately was already given away!


Jon and John, Aisberg is a Russian company which makes / made self defense shooting devices which fires blanks, gas, flash and small lead balls (or combinations of this). They did a lot of experiments basing on 9x18 Makraov cases and those I have seen so far had military head stamps (by 539 Tula , they just took everything I assume). The cases usually have rose crimps, flat plastic inserts (like those German blanks for blank firing pistols in 8 and 9mm) or the case mouth is heavily rolled inwards.
I think they never got very successfull.
The described case might be one of an official order which was made by one of the traditional makers of 9x18 Makarov cases and wether got mixed up with other cases for life ammo or never was taken over by Aisberg due to their market problems and got used up by the manufacturer.

That makes a lot of sense, however the picture shows the headstamp as ICEBERG. Do you know if that company used that spelling for any of their products?

ICEBERG will be the English version (probably their attempt to go international). AISBERG is the cyrillic transcription.
As said little is known and there is a chance that they do not exist anymore.
Sorry I do not know more, that civilain stuff is really not my world.

Ok, I have found more than I expected. Here images of the “ICEBERG” and the military head stamp. The cases here have electrical primers (have also seen percussion ones).
I think we have found now the connection to the English script version.

It would appear to me that perhaps the “Iceberg” headstamp on a standard 9 x 18mm cartridge, especially with hollow-point bullet, was probably a headstamp error. Coiinicidentally, the picture in question of that cartridge seems to show that the case has no flash holes. It is hard to tell. Also, while still loaded (the round jammed in a gun), it has no primer in the picture, so perhaps the primer fired but was propelled out of the case by its own force, since the flash had no where to go. Somewhat conjecture, since the photo, although I have enhanced it, does not show any flash holes, but is not all that clear. There is primer residue in the primer pocket though.

I have some of these short-cased blanks based on the 9mm Makarov case, that EOD shows, but none are electric-primed. They are 9mm AC, which while similar in apearance, seem to be different than the Iceberg blanks and gas cartridges. These are all made by the Low Voltage Equipment Plant (LVE) at Novosibirks, Russia. All of my 9mm AC blanks are headstamped “LVE.”

One of their catalogs, from 2002, shows 10 different loadings in the Iceberg series of cartridges, for the “Iceberg” Revolver. The English spelling of “Iceberg” is all that is used in this bilingual catalog.

Note that one of the cartridges EOD shows is headstamped “ICEBERG 9mm.” That is the identical headstamp on the odd 9 x 18mm Makarov round. The fact that the ICEBERG Makarov round in question only shows “9mm” as the claiber, and not the always-encountered “9 x 18mm” (or 9mm Mak; 9mm Makarov) is further evidence that this was probably a headstamping error.

EOD, are both those rounds you show blanks? (Not tear gas etc.) The electric primers are interesting, the weapon intended to fire them must have a battery or peizo in it somewhere. Have you ever seen one?

Falcon, I can’t say what they are in detail since many different loadings existed. One of the devices I have seen looked like a lighter on a keychain.
As said the civilain stuff is really not my field. I wish I could tell more.

Ok, by chance I got the manual for the ICEBERG revolver.
That clearly shows also the English designation.

The person who discovered that round sent it to me. Here’s a photograph taken after I cleaned it.