ICI Civic .22 LR made in Australia


I don’t know if this is scarce or old, but I don’t recall reading the line “deadly accuracy” on any other ammo box, the less one named “Civic”.


A reasonably common box in Aus that was made some time between 1964 and 1971. 1964 is a date from an advertisement of the next earliest variation of this box. 1971 is another advertisement with the newer IMI logo. Headstamp would have been a plain font ICI. Civic is the branding of the High velocity solid load. The 1 Nicholson Street address was apparently not used for long but still plenty of these in swaps boxes.
Info from ‘ICI 22 Rimfire Boxes’ by Terry Warnock (from original work by Bob Donaldson) self published here in Aus.


While this topic is running I thought I would put up a couple of other Aussie ICI Civic boxes. The top two are an earlier variation in Long and Long Rifle. The Short box is a light pastel green colour. Used between 1940 and 1960.
The bottom one is the next version after the first pictured in this topic - with the IMI logo and from the early 70s.

There are around 120 different Australian ICI 22 boxes and even more address and detail variations to collect. Also some imported lines and industrial blanks as well.