ICI Headstamped 4 mm Übungsmunition Geco


Does anyone have a picture of this cartridge and its headstamp?


I have an RWS box with cartridges, but no Geco ones


Thanks Aaron. German made cartridges are headstamped GECO * D * and GECADO *. I’m asking about the British made one headstamped ICI.


ICI sold many unloaded cases to other loaders, loaded ammo, much less so. I’m guessing that by the time the ICI headstamp was around this calibre would have been semi obsolete so it was probably more economical for Geco to buy in cases than make them themselves for what would probably have been a short run.


Cartridges made by Geco were designed in 1920 and still listed in Geco 1939 catalog. The ones made by ICI were offered by A. G. Parker & Co., Ltd. during 1929-30, so these were not semi-obsolete.


ICI was not formed until 1929 as an amalgamation of several other companies including Eley Kynoch. How long it took for that change to wash through to headstamps is a guess but possibly late 29 at the earliest.


I have checked the Kynoch drawing register and the only drawing is from 1936.

Details are:

DRAWING NO: BK/141/117
DESCRIPTION:4mm Adaptor cartridge for Parker Hale
DATE: 3.9.36

Unfortunately I do not have a copy of this drawing, but the Birmingham Proof House library will have it.



John, I have reposted this image submitted by you in a 9 mm Parabellum subcalibers post started by Lew. Number 4 starting from the left was made to handle the 4 mm Übungsmunition Geco.