ICL wildcats and wildcat books

In respect of Wildcats what does the ICL stand for in the ICL range.

What books would be worth getting for info on wildcats, I have bought "Wildcat Cartridges 1 & 11 Combo edition and the 2 PO Ackley volumes Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders there must be more ???

The Hndloaders Manual of Cartridge Conversion by John Donnelly has a good number of wildcats listed, with dimensions.

On the Software side, AccuLoad-3 from AEM Enterprises has quite a few listed, and they offer a bit of the history of the various cartridges www.AEMent.com (side note, Ed Reynalds is quite involved with AEM, in addition to being a IAA member and wildcat dealer. Most of the wildcat dimensions came from those in his collection)

“ICL” stands for “Improved Capacity Loadings,” and seems to have been a term applied by Arnold Juenke, described in an article from 1953 as “one of the youngest and most enterprising of the modern cartridge designers…”

Reference: “Wildcat Cartridges,” by Robert Hutton, The American Rifleman, March, 1953, pages 40-42, 59.


The books that you already have are very good as are the references given by Tailgunner and John. Wildcat collecting is kinda unique in that new specimens are added to the list hourly. You will never find a reference that isn’t somewhat prejudiced toward the favorites of the author and none will ever be up to date. And you will never collect them all, no matter how hard you try. You may want to narrow your specialty to some specific field of wildcats such as by caliber, or those based on a certain parent case, or some such. JMHO


There is a new book on Wildcats entitled “Wildcat Cartridges,” by Fred Zeglin. I have the book and while I think it is aimed more at shooters and would-be cartridge developers, it is not totally without value for the collector. There are many good case drawings, with dimensions, of various wildcat rifle cartridges. Wildcat pistol cartridges seem to be completely ignored, which makes it of less use to a collector such as myself, who specializes in auto-pistol cartridges. It probably should be in the library of anyone with a deep interest in Wildcat cartridges. I doubt that the general collector needs it. It is published by LR Books, P. O. Box 129, Pinedale, Wyoming. 1-307-367-7711 Bookman1@aol.com

Thanks, gents.

Perhaps the most comprhensive book on the older wildcats is “Wildcat Cartridges” by Richard Simmons, published in 1947. It sometimes pops up on eBay, but runs well over $50 each time.