Many of you know that “name”. Just got an email, out of the blue, on a non-ammo topic. From Teak. Apparently alive and well. Was one of the first IAA honchos I met at my first SLICS. Nice guy. Just thought some of you would appreciate an update on a past forum guy.


Is he at the forum under a different name? I have not seen “iconoclast” for several years. I guess the icons are happy.


No, he’s sorta “takin’ a break”. I do hope he eventually returns to the fold, great guy.


I also received that email but assumed, because it was just passing a long-debunked urban legend, that it was some kind of an “echo” from when the Forum was hacked. Curious.


RichB–What Teak said in his email is NOT a “long-debunked urban legend”.
The cell phone “Do Not Call” registry exists, but is at least 3 years old, not new.

As to Teaks abstinence from the Forum, I know some of the details, which I am not at liberty to discuss, and I hope this email is the beginnings of his return to cartridge collecting.


Teak was actually one of the first collectors who I bought some pistol-caliber AP cartridges from a few years ago. A .32acp THV, .32acp KTW, and some other KTW.


I look forward to Teak rejoining the Forum. He is missed!


What Lew said…


Iconoclast was a tremendous help as moderator on the old forum, and I was (and am) grateful for the expertise he provided! Hope he resumes posting some time.


Besides Teak, Tom Gordon is another guy I miss.


I couldn’t have said it better myself. Teak is the reason i’ve made it this far in cartridge collecting. He’s the first i’ve purchased rounds from and learned, from when he was on AA. Look forward having him around againg…an old friend from Reno…NV that is!