ICP cartridges?

I just came across this video and info sheets. The descriptions there sound “very optimistic” (said nicely) in relation to conventional weapons.
Here I wonder if I missed something or if this development vanished already and experienced it’s deserved fate?
Are any cartridges known? It seems there were several different ones.

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EOD, Interesting. I found the following in quotes below. Looks like these were about 15 years ago. A modern application of an old idea.


Blue Book of gun values:

[quote]Select Model
MODEL 1000 SE GUN ONEGet Pricing.45 ICP (Integrated Case Projectile) cal., unique semi-auto design, mag tube is located on top of 6 in. fixed barrel.
MODEL QT 427 ZMRGet Pricing.427 ICP (Integrated Case Projectile) cal., break open action, 5 shot tube or 10 shot staggered mag., 3 1/2 in. barrel located underneath clear mag tube, compact size, 5 oz.[/quote]

And from Security Arms Forum quoting defunct Angel Arms website

[quote]It was supposed to be sold as QT-427 ZMR by a company called Angel Arms.
Angel Arms were owned by Angel Labs LLC, who patented ICP (Integrated Case Projectile) (US Patent 5939657) & designs feature patented Zero Muzzle Rise (ZMR) technology (US Patent 6234058). There was a prototype called Gun-1, then the QT-427 followed by Boxer & PT3 which i belive never left the drawboard. Finally There was a longer combat version called Model 1000 SE GUN ONE in caliber .45ICP with a 6 inch barrel that would have had an estimated retail price of $1,900 USD. Angel Arms went out of business and this little gun was never manufactured.

(Boxer : Assault Rifle (patent to be filed) . 4.5 lb. 50 rounds through a scope . 3 rotating chambers . Quick and easy first round loading .)
(PT3 : ultimate backup emergency gun(patent to be filed) . Palm size . One shot loading, but can shoot continuously)

(The following info come from their now defunct website.)

The QT .427 ZMR, (Zero Muzzle Rise), was intended to address the Pocket handgun market. It has a 3 1/z inch barrel with the power of a .44 magnum and a grip that accommodates your full hand. It is slated to be the most powerful handgun in the world. The QT .427 is a true full size gun in a tiny package. Unique design, fires ICP integrated case projectile, folding gun in half chamber cartridge, gun is smaller than most rimfires but it is as powerful as .44 MAG, has no muzzle rise upon firing, has four safeties, 5- or 10-shot magazine, lifetime warranty. The cost was supposedly about $1000 USD 1998.

Safety Features
The basic safety features are:
Child proof when folded Trigger is safely tucked away and disengaged when folded 2 step trigger operation Magazine is fully visible
Caliber This pistol have a caliber of .427 Ammo Type
Features of ammo types use for this pistol are: Ammo Type: ICP – “Integrated Case Projectile” with variable loads.
Light Load 250 ft lbs.
Medium Load 350 ft lbs.
High Load 500 ft lbs.
Barrel Length 3.5 inches
Extended Dimensions: Length 4.975 inches Height 3.375 inches, Width 0.875 inches, Barrel/receiver width is 0.630 inches, Barrel/Receiver Weight 5 ounces
Sights Finger Point Aim
Stocks Polymer/ Folding
Unique Features
More unique features are:
11 Revolutionary alignment of barrel & arm Virtually eliminates muzzle rise. ZMR = Zero Muzzle Rise.
Unique bullet design.
The ICP, “Integrated Case Projectile” is equivalent to a modern caseless design.
Load & Shoot – no case and no case ejection.
The building materials are:
Grip Polymer
Barrel/ Receiver 7075-T651 Aircraft Aluminum or QC-7 Aluminum
Breech/ Chamber 6AL4V Titanium Hammer 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Barrel Liner 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Magazine features are:
Tube Type
Capacity: 5 + I ICP rounds or 10 + 1 ICP rounds

4 Unique Safety Features
It is totally disabled when folded. The trigger is safely tucked away which is better than having a trigger guard.The magazine is fully visible and the QT .427 operates in a one-two trigger mode.To our knowledge, it is the first handgun that is folded for deep concealment. Illustration of QT.427 ZMR folded.
Load & Shoot
Design The QT .427 is truly a unique handgun. Unlike normal handguns, the QT .427 is of load and shoot design. The standard spent case ejection is completely eliminated. The QT .427 uses the newly designed “Integrated Case Projectile.” (ICP), as its bullets. The QT .427 is the future of handguns because of its lightness, compactness, and firepower capacity. It comes with a 5 round tube magazine for concealed carry and/or a 10 round staggered magazine for high power capacity . 11
The QT .427 is smaller than most .22 caliber semi-auto pistols yet as powerful as a magnum .44.The metal components are machined from solid billet 6AL-4V Titanium, 17-4PH Stainless Steel, and 7075-T651 Aircraft Aluminum, along with injection molded polymers.
Barrel and Arm
The revolutionary alignment of barrel and arm virtually eliminates
muzzle rise even with the highest of loads.
ICP™ (Integrated Case Projectile)
Has no standard case and therefore no case ejection. The Projectile The projectile is hollow and serves as the case that holds the powder charge. It also contains the bulk of the heat from ignition and is shot out of the barrel. The Powder Seals and ignites the powder charge. As soon as the powder is ignited, it pops off thereby equalizing the pressure around the integrated case projectile, ICP. This allows the ICP to pass through the barrel without expanding. Propels the ICP and blows the primer out through the barrel.

1825 Addison Way
Hayward, CA 94545
Phone No.: 510-783-7122
Fax No.: 510-783-7097[/quote]

Sort of like the old Volcanic round. Just someone’s pipe dream. In the same class as the “Metal Storm” gun, from Australia I think. I haven’t heard anything about it for a long time. Although there were some working prototypes made, I don’t remember ever seeing what the ammunition for it looked like.

DMR is a logical concept, but the guns (like the Chiappa Rhino) sure are ugly. And the lockwork is a nightmare. I’ve see a few at gun shows, but I don’t think the Rhino ever caught fire.

The company seems to be out of business since 2012.
I recall hot discussions during the peak time of the hype around the “new development” where people went mad when I told that the invention was over 150 years old and that the “Metal Storm” will have the same fate (with maybe very few extremely specilaized applications) as the old system did.

Good old idea… The ammo is Gyrojet system with driving band = for grooved barrel. Interesting (not real) animation, but saw anyone real gun or ammo?