ID - 11mm Swedish Regulation M1871


This one troubbles me for a correct ID.

Bullet dia 11.8mm - .464
Base dia 11.8mm - .464
Rim dia 12.6mm - .496
Case L 14.62mm - .575
Total L 24.68mm - .971
Primer dia 6.3mm - .248

Acquired it as a 11mm Devisme but after measuring case is closer to 12mm French CF allthough bullet looks like ‘devisme’. And then there is the large primer.
Ideas anyone ?


Hi Pascal,

I have this cartridge classified as a variation of the 11 mm Swedish Ordnance Revolver m/71 but my only reference is Datig’s Vol. IV p. 58. I think he may have found this cartridge under this name in the Danish Tøjhusmuseet collection, but I’m just guessing. I’m afraid that I don’t have any other documentation to support or deny his identification, but is worth mentioning that his identification of the other 3 variations of this cartridge found in pages 58-59 is entirely correct.




Thanks Fede,
Found it. Sure looks close. In ECRA database it is called 11mm Swedish M71 Ordnance Revolver boxer type case.


Yes this discussion is old but I cannot help questioning the result.First the very early ones of the Swedes were 2 piece
cases the head had a washer type,the bullet is totally out of line and is exactly that of a Devisme see Ammunition
Journal Jan-Febr.2010 an excellent depiction of most Devisme Cartridges and the mod 1871 rev cartridges are
best shown and described in Manual of Pistol and Revolver Cartridges Vol 2 In Erlmeier Brandt Mueller.some of the
case measurement according to that book do not correspond case lenght in particular.I would say that cartridge is a
nice 12mm Devisme.Particular in view that the Mod 1871 Rev round a very scarce item indeed the 2 piece case in
particular.I would give anything to have one of these little swedish devils in my collection.