ID 12.7x99 blank "EXS"

I got these images for ID and have no other info than what can be seen.

Headstamp is: EXS 13

Is anybody able to provide a positive ID?

12.7x99_blank_no ID_cr0153 (2)

Not listed in Fuchs. To save others looking.

No answer and I have never seen. Looks former Yugo. Like Igman or PPU to me. Possibly EXS for excerise blank. I will see what I can find on this.

Doesn’t really look Yugo to me. The Yugo red sealant is a bright red-orange and not transparent. The color looks more like the typical red primer sealant. The font and case head formation itself looks like some of the Winchester experimental rounds I’ve seen.

But this is all just a guess of course. No definitive answer. Would be nice to know for sure.

My impression was that it could be US or South Korea or one using machinery and technology basing on US gear.

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First thought was it looks like the Greek ‘HXP’ .50cals.

Yes hard to say. The fonts do nit look winchester though to me… Its an odd one for sure