Id: 12ga imi vigevano

Can anybody ID this 12GA shotshell?
One has a side wall print like shown and the other is unmarked. Headstamps are identical.

I have the same cases in my collection. “IMI” has no relationship to “israel military industries” in this case. It was a factory/gunshop located in Vigevano, a small town in Italy. Cases were probably made by other factories with proprietary headstamps and IMI loaded them with their own loads

Pivi, thanks a lot!
So we can say for sure that these are Italian then.
I figured that the IMI here is not related to Israel. At best I would have expected a connection to IMI/ICI of the UK.

KROM is a spanish brand.
I have a few of those KROM marked shells in my collection, I believe all have Kromson Espana headstamp.
Back when I collected plastic shells also I had two different ones made specially for the king and queen of Spain marked J.C ( Juan Carlos ).

regards rené

René, thanks a lot!!!