ID 23,5mm case

Can anyone help with indentification? Propably soviet signal or mortar case. Diameter 23,5mm, height 18-19mm (It is not cut evenly). Almost rimeless; without primer and headstamps.


This looks like the inner part of a 26mm case (in the west commonly designated as 26.5mm) as used for 120mm mortars and flare guns.
The outer jacket forming the rim and bearing the hs is missing. Depending on the quality and treatment of the missing part it sometimes cracks and separates from the rest of the case. Firng in a mortar is supporting the factors causing all this.

Also it could be part of the inner construction of a flare gun cartridge which is fired away together with the illuminating star.

Without having the missing fragments and knowing the exact situ on the spot ist is hard to tell who made it and in which role it was used. Also it would take some intensive study on possibly used cartridges to ID this part.

Yes I know, but the problem is that this one is 23 not 26. I found it with other soviet IIWW things thrown out from german warehouse.

Keep in mind that it is an INNER part and has not to have the bore caliber.

Looks like part of the Blacker Bombard cartridge.

With the cardboard inside?

I found this thread:

Looks similiar…

Anemon, where did you find your item?

Anemon, where did you find your item?

South Poland - Kraków.