Id 38-40

hi friends, tell me the stigma on the cartridge? for civilian market or army pattern

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The headstamp on the cartridge indicates the cartridge was produced by the United States Cartridge Company which was located in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA The company was purchased by Winchester in 1931.

This cartridge in your photo was intended for the civilian market.


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Mangoos - to my knowledge, the US Military never used the .38-40 Winchester cartridge. I cannot be sure of other countries, but once again, to my knowledge, it was never formally adopted by any military service in any country I can think of. It undoubted played a part in the various Indian Wars in the US, but in the hands of civilians, and the same is true for various revolutionaries use of it in Latin America, but that would not, technically, make it a “military cartridge.”

The photos you posted, by the way, were outstanding! Nice work!

John Moss


thanks for the information