ID: 40x46SR by "JAM"

Is anybody able to positively ID the manufacturer “JAM”?

Here it is next to a fired round made by CTS (USA) which is well known in the business.
As per the appearance and the color of the markings one could think the “JAM” could be a CTS product.
Anybody with more insight?


JAM = this works a treat.

Sorry couldn’t help my self.

Hi Alex,

They are made by Combined Systems (CTS) for the French National Police (Police nationale) and National Gendarmerie (Gendarmerie nationale). The picture show both sides of the same cartridge.



That is great info Fede!
Wish we saw the backsides of both the GN and PN so we could see the CTS Model number and exactly ID what the French Police designations are then.

Marking on the other side of the “GN” and “PN” cartridges is “CTS MODEL 4557”.

Hmm, why 2 different designations for the same round then?

Alex, what do you mean by different designations? Both are Model 4557 rounds.

OK, I understand what you mean: “PN” stand for Police nationale and “GN” for Gendarmerie nationale.

Interesting, and they have to make this difference? A lot of effort no?