ID 5.56 Nato Plastic Dummy


I ran across this white plastic 5.56 Nato dummy in one of my boxes. Does anybody recognize the country or manufacturer? Any info would be appreciated.



Don’t know anything about these 223s, but from the primer and the nose of the mock bullet, it looks more like a blank than a dummy to me.

Hi John,

You are correct, it might be a blank instead of a dummy.

My hearing is really bad and cannot discern the noise of loose powder shaking in the cartridge. Not saying there isn’t any - just saying I cannot hear it or feel it moving. I will have to find someone with sharper senses to take a look at it.

I was wondering - did the French ever use the 5.56 Nato? This plastic construction and case design does seem very similar to French 7.5 MAS plastic blanks especially the opaque ones.

Maybe someone will know.


Here my 5 cent :

The Finns made such cartridges in 7.62x39 in various colors. I wonder if they make 5.56x45.

It is a US plastic 5.56mm blank cartridge made by AAI Corporation


Thank you Michel.

That looks like a positive ID to me.

Never saw one of these before.



Does anybody know how many of these things they made and are they still being manufactured?


[quote=“heavyiron”]Does anybody know how many of these things they made and are they still being manufactured?


The only information I have :
"The US Army Land Warfare Lab publishes the report “Plastic 5.56mm Blank Cartridge.” An expendable plastic 5.56mm blank cartridge for the M16A1 rifle has been developed and tested successfully. The prototype cartridge cases were molded in a 4-cavity production-type mold to insure that the tested cartridges would be producible in quantity without sacrificing quality. This cartridge performs satisfactorily in the semiautomatic mode of fire and operates the rifle reliably in the fully automatic mode when using the standard blank firing attachment (0.063-inch orifice). This blank cartridge will outperform the M200 blank cartridge in feeding and equals its other performance characteristics. Unfortunately, when the Land Warfare Laboratory is closed at the end of the very same month, AAI’s plastic blank cartridge design dies with it."

see :


Does AAI made 30/06 blanks too?I have a very similar dummy round (white plastic) and without headstamps

My 30/06 sample has an alluminium head.not plastic like Heavyiron’s 5.56 mm round.


Pivi - I think your .30-06 may be French-made.