ID: 6.35 mm (.25 ACP) by FN

Here an ID request from Russia (source:
The bullet is somewhat unusual and was found on a loaded cartridge.
Bullet weight is standard 3.22 gram.

Any info available on this one?

Alex, look like a cut-down rifle bullet; maybe a 6.5mm 30th year type.



Fede, hmm, indeed!
I took for granted that the front is clsoed like a normal FMJ as the image is not all that good.
Having noticed this before the question would not have been raised.

Asking back now and will come forward with what was told.

Ok, got an answer, the bullte is FMJ, just flat headed. Nothing cut down.

Is the bullet small enough not to engrave a rifling pattern?
Perhaps something made up for covert operations [read: assassination]?

Here is a lightened photo of the 4th one down, which is quite dark on my screen. It looks to have a lead core in both the nose & the base photos?
below it the other photo (5th one or last).

Pete, no, I asked back and was told it is a FMJ.

Alex, sure doesn’t look it…

Exactly, I had to ask back to make sure as it looks odd otherwise.