ID 7.62x39 Chinese API factory 71 from1971 and 1972


2 chinese made AP rounds, factory 71 7.62x39

API. Notice the separation near the tip.

Chinese API from factory 71 made in 1971 and 1972.

I would love to know why the Chinese use both green and brown case finish lacquers, seemingly at random.

Information I received some time ago from a good source was that “Arsenal 71” is now the Zhang Jiang Electric Engineering, in Sichung, Chong Quing (former Chungking). It was originally the 20th Factory before 1949, and was a major ammunition producer. The rest of the information I have about it is all related to the 9 x 18 mm Type 59 cartridge manufactured there, and so not relevant to this thread.

John Moss

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John, to what I know they still are. The last hs from them I know of is from 2018.

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EOD - thank you for the update. All my information came from research on the 9 x 18 mm Makarov cartridge, and probably dates from sometime between 1999 and 2009. Haven’t done any real followup research on Chinese factories since then.

John M.

Yesterday night I fired 20rds of those,(71-72) like the bottom one and non of them showed any light in the sky ?
Are they really api or ap?

Those are API, not tracers. You won’t see any “light in the sky” when you fire these. The only time the make a visible flash is when they hit something hard enough to ignite the incendiary compound in the base of the projectile.

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I fired one of these against a 3/8" mild steel plate at around 100 yards away once on a trip to the USA.

It produced an impressive white flash that was clearly visible in bright sunlight. It also easily penetrated the steel plate.

Fighterxwar: Where in the world are you located that allows you to possess and shoot these cartridges?

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Not answering for the OP, but these cartridges are not uncommon and generally legal here in the US. At one time I had about a hundred rounds of 7.62x39mm API. After testing it against various materials I found its performance to be lackluster and sold it all.