ID: 7.9x57, suspectedly Chinese

Anybody to ID this 7.92x57 headstamp?
The photo has turned up in a Russian forum. Unfortunately no better quality available.

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This is Hunan Arsenal, China. Another name is -Wuzhou.
They have been producing Mauser cartridges since the early 1900s


Rafal, thanks a lot!

Any thoughts on that “Mitsubishi” logo on the hs (at 10.30h pos)? Or is that a factory mark?
Some people say it could be only corrosion.

Does anybody have better (clearer) images of this headstamp maybe?

That’s not Hunan.That’s Chinese“Dezhou(德州)”written with in cursive script.Manufactured by Dezhou Arsenal(1904-1926)

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Magnum, thanks a lot!
Do you happen to know what the symbol on pos. 10.30h is denoting?

That’s a strange unsolved symbol,and there are also two kinds of symbols on Dezhou headstamp

Another chinese collector shared me this picture
冬(dong)means winter

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I remember having seen the “7 dots” in Elks’ book.
The one with the two “o” is also new to me (not that this has any significance).