ID? (7 x 57mm Mauser-France)


Hello All,
I have another 2 unknown cartridges i need help with.Again these are rough measurements taken with a ruler. From Left to right in first photo

63mm case length
7mm neck diamater


30-06 Springfield for comparison

57mm case length
79mm Overall Length
7mm deck diameter
* *

Thanks for any info.



Your description doesn’t jive with the photos. Do you mean neck diameter or bullet diameter? And which headstamp goes with what?

But I’d say the one on the right is a 7x57 and the one on the left is a 7x64 Improved or 7-06 Improved.

Unless it’s really neck diameter in which case they would be 257 Roberts and 25-06 Improved.



Sorry about that I had to reverse the angle for better light. As I said this was done with a ruler so I probably won’t be able to really ID them fully until I buy another set of calipers. By neck diameter I laid the ruler on top of the case and estimated.The LPD 93 one is the one with the bullet still in it. Again sorry for the inaccuracy and thanks for the ideas.


I can’t ID your wildcat round - know nothing about them at all. However, the * LDP * 93 headstamped round is a 7 x 57mm Mauser cartridge made by the firm of Louis Dieu, 40, rue Meslay, Paris, France. Their trademark was registered in Belgium on 28 December 1911. In this case, the “93” is not the date of production, but rather the model of the rifle these cartridges are for, the Model 1893 Mauser. I have the same headstamp on a 7.9 x 57 Model 88 cartridge except the numbers at the bottom are “88” instead of “93.”


Thank you very much for the help. That 93 threw me because it looks to be old. I held no high hopes for the wildcat but may ask again once I get better information.


Josh - your LDP cartridge IS old. It prbably predates WWI, although not sure of that. If made in 1912, your cartridge is 95 years old! Thats roughly half the span of the existence of the self-contained metallic cartridge.


Wow, thats great! That would also mean it’s roughly 5x older than I am (18):-).
Thank You