ID 75m/m Projectile

Can anyone ID the 75m/m projectile shown? I’m wondering where it was made, and for what gun.

I picked up the one shown, it’s big brother, which looks identical but is a 120mm. I also got the dad, which is a 150mm. All three came with just shipping plugs. I am also curious what fuzes would go with them.

I could only get one picture to stay in the post, so please look down to the next reply for the profile.




Hi Dave,

It was manufactured by Providence Engineering Works, Providence, Rhode Island. In 1915, this company signed several contracts with a British agent for the manufacture of 70, 75, 120 mm and 150 mm shells for the Serbian government, that had a wide range of Schneider-Canet and Schneider-Creusot guns in these calibers.

Please, can you post pictures of the other examples?



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Hey Fede,

You always amaze me with the information that you come up with. Below is the entire family f projectiles per your request.

Would you happen to know what fuze was used with these rounds?

Are they a bag gun, or were there cases that went with these rounds? They have such a short distance between the base and driving band (especially the 120mm) that they look better suited for a bag gun.

Thanks again!



WOW!!! Exceptionally NICE projectiles!!! Thank you for posting.

If possible could you please take good quality close up photos of markings on each shell and a reasonably close separate photos of the 120mm & 150mm and photos of the shipping plugs. I know this is asking a lot but these are such high (museum) quality projectiles they are worth of a good photographic record.