ID 9 mm parabellum

Hello All of you.

One friend ask me about this cartridge and i don’t know anything about it
He told me he bought some of these cartridges in last German meeting.
Do you know something about them?

Thank you for your help.



Pedro, this one was discussed here before and if I remember correctly no real answer was found.

Thank you very must for your help.
I just send my friend the link.



I can confirm, as outlined in the earlier post on this topic, these blanks were used as part of the Firearms Training Simulator (FATS) system. These were used indoors with modified firearms, fitted with a device emmiting an IR / laser when fired, with the operator shooting at a video screen which recorded strikes on the screen when the video was played back. The weapons cycled when fired with the blanks. As described in the earlier thread, when fired the inside of the blank was blackened from the carbonaceous soot deposits. The one pictured below was fired in the FATS system in the early 1990’s from a modified H&K MP-5.

Were these “reloadable”?

I believe they were intended to be reloaded by the user, although the most difficult part would probably be trying to remove the carbon!

I guess the carbon then just remained or?

Don’t know for sure, but I always assumed they were cleaned prior to reloading. The cartridge at the top of this thread looks as if it may have been recycled seeing the grey tinge that appears to have remained internally at the bullet portion of the blank.

Thank you for your help.
I’ll send the link to my friend.

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