ID 9mm flobert

Hi all,
Can anybody tell me something about this 9mm flobert?

Thanks rené

Hi Rene.

this is Argentinian by Cartouche Orbea Argentina. Are you bringing it to St . Loius?


Hi Will,

Thanks for the ID.
And sorry won’t be there to bring it over.

regards rené

René, the “Oro” trademark, which means means gold in Spanish, was registered on March 19, 1904 by Morea, Mendizabal & Cía., then was continued by Morea, Montemayor & Co., and renewed on July 25, 1934 by Morea y Cía. These were different designations for the same general hardware store located in Buenos Aires and managed by an individual named Ciriaco Morea.

The earliest cartridges were imported from France and have a blue/white checkered paper body and are headstamped with small letters (like the one you are showing). The ones dating the 1930’s were made by Cartuchería Orbea Argentina and have a light blue/white paper body with circular designs, and are headstamped with big letters.

This headstamp is also found in ball and simple charge shot loadings, and also in 6 mm.



Hi Fede,
Many thanks for your wonderfull piece of information!!
Regards rené