ID 9x19 HS

Hi all.
Anybody can help to identify the buyer this case. What does the S.A.A.?
This brass case made ​​in Lugansk in the early 2000s and have Boxer primer.

Great headstamp! I have no idea of what SAA stands for. Too bad there wasn’t an empty box laying around!

Thanks for sharing this with us.


A commemorative headstamp for “Springfield Armory Arsenal”? You’d think somebody would have heard of, or seen it by now though. The headtamp is a bit light, and one wonders if it was a ground-down base with an after-market stamp applied?

It was originally made at Lugansk plant.
I have the same headstamp, but on draft case without groove

There is a Serbian “PPU” made case in 7.5x55 (Swiss) wich was loaded by AREX of Slovenia as a grenade blank for the Swiss police. The hs is “SAA 05”.
Maybe there is a relation to this hs?

My understanding (and this is just chatter from other collectors) was that Arex used the SAA (no dots) headstamps with the cases made by PPU for use for the Slovenian and Swiss Police (plastic cased grenade blanks), and the S.A.A as seen here was made by a Russian supplier in hopes of obtaining the contract but they did not get the contract long before the test production was finished, hence the unfinished cases turning up. Again no proof of any kind to substantiate this but stories that possibly someone may be able to research or exlore to shed more light on the situation.

cartridgecorner, those 7.5x55 with “SAA” hs were brass cases. AREX is making it’s own plastic cased cartridges and it seems they had to order brass from elsewhere then (here PPU).

AREX for example also supplied dummy cartridges to Switzerland. So far I know of 5.56x45 which were first exact copies of the well kn own Swiss solid brass types and later switched to orange plastic (experimentals were red) bodied dummies with aluminum and later brass heads.

Thanks EOD, you are correct the brass cases are from PPU not the white plastic ones. Have you seen any of the red cased ones for the Swiss? I have not yet.

Yes, as said the red 5.56 was in the Swiss style. They also made red 9x19 and 12.7x99 in red but without the 3 grooves.
The ones they finally delivered to Switzerland are made of orange plastic with metal heads.

AREX made several colors and types and plenty of calibers.

Swiss 5,56 dummy cartridges

Swiss SAA headstamp = Saltech A.G. made in Switserland and can be found on 7,5x55 rifle grenade launch cartridges 44.

Thanks Gyrojet! I wasn’t following the discussion.


Gyro, is Saltech A.G. actually making these cases? It looks more like these are from PPU as well - even the PA looks PPU.

EOD my Swiss source speaks about Saltech A.G. but possibly they inport the cases from PPU !


9x19 Swiss dummy rounds made by AREX

Harry, there must be another explanation for the meaning of “SAA” in the 7.5x55 grenade cartridges loaded by/for Saltech because this company was using a “ST” headstamp at the same time (matching the manufacturing code found in the box). In my opinion the cases were made PPU because they offer new primed empty extended blank cases in this caliber and the Swiss blanks looks like their products. Earlier production didn’t had the red primer annulus and wasn’t so obvious.

Fede I think you are right about Saltech buy’s the cases by PPU and they also loaded them…


Gyrojet - I love the box for those 9 mm dummy rounds. A Swiss military-type label on an MTM box made in America for reloaders. I have, when I worked, sold hundreds of those boxes (of course without the nice Swiss Label).

I miss very much, by the way, the sport of “Box Worship” at the alter set up in a certain hotel room in St. Louis. :-)

[quote=“gyrojet”]Fede I think you are right about Saltech buy’s the cases by PPU and they also loaded them…


Gyro, there must be AREX between PPU and Saltech then.

John are you coming to St-Louis this year !!


Gyrojet - no, unfortunately I cannot attend again this year.