ID: 9x19 PPU export of 1962

Is anybody able to provide solid info as for whom these 9x19 were made by PPU in 1962?
Reported headstamp is: PPU62 KAL. 9mm.


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Hi Alex,

It is a contract for Indonesia. The initial “P.” stand for “Peluru”, but I’ve never been able to identify the meaning of “Td.”. Earlier boxes (1960) are also marked “Parabellum”.



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Fede, great info!
Is there a source or other data that info is concluded from?

Alex, crates are marked in both English and Indonesian. I don’t have pictures of the one in 9 mm, but here is an example in .38 Special (headstamped “.38 SPECIAL PP-YU”):

38%20Special%20(PPU-YU%20Lot%20No%203-65)%20-%201 38%20Special%20(PPU-YU%20Lot%20No%203-65)%20-%201a

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Fede, this is excellent and right what I needed!
Thanks a lot!

Funnily I am familiar with the .38 Spc. headstamp and can allocate it now too!

Fede, Do you know if this .30 Carbine was related to a contract for Indonesia also, or something different?

Thanks much,

Dan, great headstamp! I have never seen that one before.
Definately an export headstamp.

Unusual PA given all these export factory acronyms were used in the early 1960s where orange-red and purple are prevailing.

Dan, I don’t know who was the customer of this .30 Carbine. I have never seen the box.



Thanks EOD and Fede,
I should have asked Bill W., if He knew, when I got it. (He said it was the only dupe he ever had of it, so probably he didn’t have the box.) I was just happy to get one then, and I’ve seen others since.
Do you know if the .38 SPECIAL has green pa?

The .38 had the typical orange-red PA.

Thanks for that!

Dan, I think that the only PPU .30 Carbine boxes* I have ever seen from the Yugoslavian era date from the 80’s, but I don’t know about its contents. Do you have examples of any PPU box in this caliber?

*excluding standard commercial production

Hi Fede,
I think these might all be commercial, but what I have.


Maybe the tape on the one box will tell you something.
The only thing else I have is one long NUPE case. (1.65") Maybe for a blank?
All headstamped PPU 30 CARB



One more (from the web):


Dan, thanks for the pictures. Yes, the ones I mention are not commercial but white boxes with an English language label and “Lot PPU”.

Regading commercial boxes, there is also a new box found in SP and FMJ:


Yes, that’s a NUPE case for blank loading introduced in 2006.

Thanks Fede,
I have not seen them in the US yet, but I don’t get out much!

Dan, SGAmmo has the SP loading:

And Selway has both the SP and FMJ:



Fede, that website seemingly does not allow visitors from Europe. Asia though seems to be ok.
Weird company.

Thanks again Fede,
But I should have said, I was talking about the Blanks. (Unless I hear of a new headstamp or primer variation…:)