Id 9x19 SR A4


Hello everyone.

I can not find information about this 9x19 of DAG.








Schadstoff reduciert aktion 4 , but this ctg is not an aktion 4, No idee what this is. Jan


Hi Ximo,

It’s a Civil Defense/USM4 50 gr JHP by Liberty Ammunition. This company used to load some of their cartridges with RUAG cases headstamped DAG and RWS.




Thank you very much for the information.

Un fuerte abrazo Fede.



Jan - BD was referring to a second cartridge he has, with
a similar headstamp. I am sure his round is an Action 4.

Brian - Schadstoff reduziert (correct German Spelling, I think) is hard
to translate using a German/English Dictionary. However, since
I believe it refers to a lessened lead hazard, I think a practical translation
would be “reduced hazard.”

John Moss


MEN translates schadstoffreduziert with “reduced pollutant” or “low pollutant ammunition” which conveys the meaning very well, in my opinion.

A hazardous substance would be Gefahrstoff in German.


Peelen - thanks for the better translation. In the US
there are actually lead-free primers marked “RH” for
Reduced Hazard, better explained as a reduced lead
hazard. Your definition and mine are pretty much the same,
despite differences in the German language, for a practical
translation. However, I am embarrassed to say that your
translation to English is much clearer than mine or that on
those specific American primers. :-)

Points out a problem in even good foreign language dictionaries.
I did not find the word “pollutant” from “schadstoff” and in fact,
didn’t find the term “schadstoff” at all even in my large German-
English dictionary. That’s why I don’t attempt to translate word
for word, but rather just attempt to arrive at a meaning that would
be common in English.

No excuse. Just an explanation.