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This cartridge my summer sold as Swiss ?

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it is a [color=#0000FF]Czechoslovak [/color]post WW2 9mm experimental. You will note it is not as [color=#FF0000]conical [/color]as a 9 Para would be. [color=#0000FF]If I remember well it was made by PS.[/color]



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… it is not in Smatana’s book and I don’t find it in my notes now. Can anyone please confirm?


This cartridge is not a true 9mm Parabellum cartridge. The 9mm Para has a tapered case. This cartridge was designed specifically for the experimantal ZB-47 machine pistol made by Brno and has a straight case. The steel case version is not particularly rare but is a true experimental cartridge. A brass case version of this cartridge exists which is quite scarce.

The ZB-47, also known as the Samopal 47, was designed by Václav Holek in two variations. Ten guns were chambered for the straight case 9mm nábojù-Válcových pictured above, and ten were made 9mm Parabellum.




Thank you for this identification


Lew, how does the brass cased one do look like?


I have only seen two and don’t have one in my collection. They are very ordinary unheadstamped brass cases with a GM bullet. It takes a measurement to identify them.




Lew, thank you for this valuable info!


As always I post and then learn something new!

I just got an email from a Slovak friend, Jan Franzen who sent me photos of THREE variations of this cartridge. I had never heard of the plain steel case variation.




Unfortunately, I can’t imagine noticing that round, unless one were specifically looking for it. Thanks for bringing it to mind.


A friend just wrote me to tell us that these cartridges were not made by PS, but Rather by Sellier & Bellot at the Vlasim factory. The box for the reddish steel case load is dated November 1947 and is marked from Vlasim, which is S & B. This according to the box label and also a Czech-language article by Jan Skramoussky from the August 1999 edition of the Czech magazine “Strelecky Magazin.”



Lew, you bring up more details now than what could be learnt from European shows.


Lew, thank you once more.