ID a bullet if posible

A friend brought me a bullet he found in a field in the Carolinas Diameter .679 L 1.136 it has a deep cup base and grease rings round the base. No rifling marks.

Any help will be appreciated

Sounds like a .69 Minie ball bullet but a picture is needed for confirmation.


The lack of rifling marks suggests it was “dropped” rather than “fired.” Such bullets are fairly common in military sites or camps, especially if occupied for any length of time as the paper cartridges would be easily damaged and once the powder leaked out they would be discarded. Interesting souvenir, but value is pretty modest ($1-maybe $5 range), with little demand unless found at some historical site, but a one night campsite on a march to nowhere interesting does not qualify.

Thank you gentlemen. Brian after your suggestion minie ball I looked it up and you are correct.
My friend (neighbour) found the bullet when a small boy, he is not concerned about price but happy to own a part of history.
Thank you again gentlemen

For a young boy, it was probably a very exciting find, and a very, very nice souvenir of a tragic war and, as David said, a part of history.

John M.