ID a charger (Stripper clip)

Can anyone ID the silver charger?

Its with 2 gold colored Arisaka 6.5 chargers. Its thinner and is slightly smaller. It will not take the 6.5 round or the rimless 7.7 round.

Any ideas what its for or country of origin??

This looks very much like a M.89 charger for 7.65x54 Mauser rounds. They were first used by Belgium, and later by Argentina and Turkey. The Belgian ones were made by or for FN, but also by DWM, who seem to have often put holes in their charger springs. The rather thin steel used may have accounted for the usual absence of a maker’s mark, as stamping this on the base may have damaged it unnecessarily.

The best way to check of course is to try fitting some 7.65 Mauser rounds in it.