ID Alu case

Can anyone id the following case. Lenght is 51mm base diameter is 11.9mm and neck diameter is inside 7.7mm and outside 8.5mm. They told me that it was an experimetal case made in France in order from the Germans in WWII ???


The Boxer primer tends to steer me away from the French/German story. Have you compared it against a 7.62 Nato case?

Have you put a magnet to this case? I have one that looks very similar - very deep primer pociket with a conical approach to the small boxer-type flash hole (I mean the sides of the primer pocket slant in and down to the flash hole). However, mine is steel, although if it were in a polished condition it would look like aluminum. Mine has a long neck, but the shoulder is correct for 7.9 x 57 and I believe it simply never received the final neck-trim operation. The length as-is is approximately 59 mm.

Years ago, I acquired a primed-empty aluminum case, with brass primer cup, and was told it was French. It has the normal two Berdan-type flash holes. However, I later acquired a mint loaded round, and the cartridge type is German Type S ball, with a CNCS bullet, and the primer has the German-style black primer seal, leading me to believe that they were not French at all, but rather German. This may be the origin of the story that yours is French, though.

I simply don’t know the manufacturer of yours, if it is aluminum, or my steel one either. Mine reportedly came from Aberdeen Proving Ground, but that would not necessarily indicate that it was American. There were German experiments with aluminum cases having both boxer-type flash holes and some with Berdan-type flash holes. These usually have the initial “T” at the top and another letter at the bottom, as a headstamp, and are normally found in pretty wretched condition. I am told they all came out of a former German WWII military base in Eastern Germany, that was not accessed until after the Russians left when Germany was reunited. I doubt that your item has anything to do with those, although it could, despite its lack of a headstamp.

Wish I could tell you more, but at least there is some background information here that might limit your search for information. If aluminum, it is certainly an outstanding item!

Jon C.
I checked the dimensions of the case and is like the 7.62 nato.
I have a modern nato case also from aluminum but the aluminium is different as the pictured one.

The case is made out off aluminium.
I now the story from the german aluminium cases marked with T and a letter i have these in my collection.The one is pictured is like the 7.62 nato in dimension.


O,K. From the picture, I thought it was a 7.9 x 57. Hard to tell sometimes in a photo, depspite 6mm difference in case length.

I have a similar 7.62 x 51 aluminum case with the HS (+) MS 70. I’m also aware of one with the HS MS 68. Mine is a fired case, boxer primed. What’s interesting is that the primer is smaller than usual - 4.7mm compared to 5.8mm. Quick calculations from the posted images suggest that this case also has a small primer pocket. What is the actual diameter? If it is comparable to the case in my collection, then it might suggest that the case in question was made by Manusaar, West Germany.

Dave S

Dave S

The diameter of the primer pocket is 4.3mm