Id ammunition

Good afternoon everyone, I would like help to identify this case, because it is already driving crazy here kkkk.
averages are in the facts
caliber 60mm
height 163mm
68mm rin
I believe the fuse is British. I have a 47x376 case with the same primerA15EB945-2322-4F90-8387-A16F001FD90A CCE45348-B4E7-4A27-86FA-65830FEF9E93 7D545BC1-3582-4996-B9F0-6A7A726A545B

There was a Vickers 3 Pounder case with a 413mm case length and 68mm rim diameter.

This is slightly larger than the standard 47 x 376R 3 Pounder case.

Your case may be a 3PR vickers which has been cut down.

Here are photos of the Vickers 1 and Vickers 11 headstamps. (3Pr 47x411R - 413R)
I note two different case lengths in Hawkinsons book and both have 68mm Rims.
Both my cases are shortened vases but measure 60mm at 163mm length.