ID: bombs on US dirigible C-1 in 1919

I came across this image on a US archive server.
The only info given is:
Twin engine dirigible C-1 N.O. 3509 (dirigible here means an airship)
Image date is 1919.

Anybody able to ID the bomb type and designation?

Image source: internet.

Alex, they are high explosive (TNT) Mark V bombs with a dummy fuse assembly. Nominal weight is 270 pounds, but some sources call them “250 pound” bombs.



Source: US National Archives.

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Fede, thanks a lot! I did not have these other images.
Will try to digg for details now.

The caption calls them “aerial torpedo.” Is this just an early term before people standardized on “bomb” or are these intended for use against naval targets. perhaps U-boats?

John, it was intended for use against submarines.