ID brass 7/96

Can anyone help me with ID on this old brass,please?
The rim-diameter is 64 mm.
Just above rim is 57,5 mm.
I guess it it cut at approx.70 mm - here the outside diameter is 54 mm.
Thanks Finn

It was made by the Elswick Ordnance Company (Armstrong-Whitworth).

As for the measurements the people owning the lists of Hawkinson sure will tell which one this is.
Could be a 47mm 3-pdr case.

Thanks for the answer EOD!
It seems nobody else know anything about this…
I understand it is British…is this for a 6pounder?
How long is the shell supposed to be?
And is it from july 1896?
Regards Finn

Your case is a 3pr Hotchkiss Mk1 from July 1896 by EOC as identified by EOD.
It was used by the navy and in early tanks. Introduced in 1885 and was made in four marks (1-1V). Your case is cut down and should be 47x 376R.
I have Mk1 cases R^L 94, RL 97 and BSA&MCo in my collection.
The case has a bottle-neck starting at 330mm length.
The 6pr Hotchkiss has a rim diameter of 76mm. 3Pr is only 64mm rim diameter. Ron.

The Hotchkiss base should have a double step after the rim. 58.5mm then 57.5mm.
I hope I have given the correct identification as your photo seems to show no double step.

It actually seems that someone also has removed the double step with a lathe when they cut it!
Why??? :O)
Probably used as a penholder,been in my family for many years.
Thanks a lot,Ron!

Your latest photo shows the correct double base. The rim is 2.4mm thick and base measures 4mm total height. Looks OK to me but I could not see it in the original photo.
Definitely a 3Pr Hotchkiss cartridge. Cheers.

No double base here,my friend…(=:

A complete 3Pr Hotchkiss round for your files. Ron.

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