ID & DATA of Swedish 12,7x99 mm ammunition

Hello there. To continue my current theme of threads i am now currently trying to ID and find data on all of the non Swedish 12,7 mm ammunition used by the Swedish air force from ca 1946 to ca 1960. So to the cartridges!

All of these are too my current knowledge non Swedish, except for the gr m/45. Now i have done some detective work previously but never on a detailed lvl. This is what i have so far.
Slprj m/45 (red): US Tracer M1
Slprj m/45 (orange) US Tracer M10
Pprj m/45 (black): US AP M2
Pprj m/45 (green): ???
Pbrandgr m/45: US API M8
Brandgr m/45: US I M1
Now even if some of these are correct i am still looking for data on them.

Here are the blueprints if that helps.

I did find this cool sheet.

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Do a search on here for Ron Fuchs. He has put together a very comprehensive document on this caliber.

Ron Fuchs’ Sweden PDF:

SWEDEN 12.7 x 99mm.pdf (88.8 KB)


Indeed it seems well researched but lack the data im looking for.

Ron Fuchs ??? were is he??

He is no longer involved in the cartridge collecting community.

y tho