Id: dixie 50-70


Hst: DIXIE 50-70
Paperpatched lead bullet.


I think these were made for

Dixie Gun Works
P.O. Box 130
Union City, TN 38281

This company specializes in equipment for U.S. Civil War and western U.S. reinacters.


Hammer & Ron

The case is definitely one from Dixie Gun Works but I don’t recall Dixie ever selling loaded ammunition. This may be a handload, or loaded by a commercial loader using Dixie brass.




I have in my collection what looks like a factory loaded 50-70 with the headstamp D.G.W. 50-70. I obtained this round circa 1975.




To some collectors, the old original turned brass 50-70 Dixie cases are considered valuable items. Dixie re-introduced them in the 1990s as drawn cases made either by BELL or Bertram, I believe. The originals sold for more than a buck per each which was quite a sum in those days. The new ones sold for about $2.50 each. I still have a couple of the originals. NFS, BTW.



I agree with Ray, in that I don’t recall Dixie selling these as loaded rounds. In addition to the DIXIE headstamp, these will also be found headstamped D.G.W. 50-70.


I know of three variations of 50-70 cases from Dixie Gun Works:

  1. Headstamp “D.G.W 50-70” I have a box of these that includes a page from the local Union City, TN newspaper dated 1972. The paper was wadded up to take up excess space in the box. The headstamp is in small block letters and continues as if it is all one line so that the “50-70” is upside down when the “D.G.W.” is right side up.

  2. Headstamp “DIXIE 50-70” I bought a box of these about 1992, they came as loaded rounds from a custom loader. They were not loaded by Dixie.

  3. The current Dixie catalog lists 50-70 cases: … ts_id=8125 The headstamp is “DGW 50-70” in very large letters.

Dixie Gun Works has only offerred a very limited selection of live ammo. Currently they only offer CCI .22 CB Caps and a half dozen calibers of blanks. I am fairly sure that they have never supplied loaded 50-70 ammo.