ID for 30x113b dummies

Hello everyone,

I recently got these 2 unknown 30x113b dummies, does anyone know where they’re from?

They both have the same construction, only difference is the markings on the sides. Other than the long serial-number-like code and what looks like a lot number, the one in the photo is marked “24A” and the other “19E”. This one also has “MAX” hand stamped into the side, between the belt and ink markings.

They remind me of Swiss dummies in shape, possibly some type of tool or gauge cartridge?

Any ideas? :grin:


Really? No-ones seen these before? The plot thickens :laughing:

I was thinking the same, no one has any idea or interest?

OK, I’ll give you one opinion. The “MAX” on one might indicate that they are headspace gauges. For instance, if the headspace on the weapon is at its maximum-allowed tolerance, the gun’s action should not close on this “max” gauge. If it does, there’s a problem with too much headspace, which has to be adjusted, if possible. The red stripe might indicate maximum for quick identification. Or something like that.

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The DEFA gauges I saw looked different, less cartridge like.
And they should be of steel and have a polished surface.

Interesting item!

Wild guess, some kind of ammunition belt loading indicator for gun function testing or magazine loading exercise or ???


Further inspection shows they are both marked “MAX”, they are identical (or near identical, due to the different markings).

They are also both made of aluminum with a hard anodized coating.

The red stripes are interesting, In my experience, I have never seen a dummy cartridge with color band markings. I would think they would be used to indicate something? Just a guess.

Aluminum will exclude a gauge then.

Colored bands or other markings are not that unusual on dummies when belting patterns are to be trained.
Most I saw were applied in military workshops.

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