ID for Cartridge Pouch


Do cartridge pouches fall within what is acceptable on the forum? They are certainly ammunition related! Well, I’ll give it a try.

Does anyone recognize this pouch? They were advertised as being for 8x60 and 8x56mmR ammo for the Portuguese Kropatschek rifles but I wonder about that. It will only hold 18 rounds (although the rifles will hold 9 rounds with 8 in the tube and one chambered).

To give some idea of its size the lower pouch is for 11.15x60mmR Mauser ammo and will hold 20 Cartridges.


Phil, there is a book on this subject. Maybe a member here has it on the shelf.

Book review:

The book:


Does that book talk of pinfire cartridges pouches?

Anddd…speaking of cartridges pouches. I had a picture of one on the wanted section of my site, and a gentleman emailed me today with a link to a French Auction website with one for sale. I was pretty excited.

This is an advertisement from an Arms et Cycles catalog:

And here is the pouch I hope to get for less than $200!


Aaron, I do not know, I do not have the book and this is really not a subject I can say anything about.


I sold one of those pouch for $50.- a couple of years ago.


EOD, thanks for the links to the book. Looks like it might contain my answer but at the price it has, I will not be getting one very soon I think!