ID for some 1874-6 stamped ammo

Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum and I need some help for identification of some cartridges with and without marking’s. I will post some pictures of the two cartridges along with some dimensions.
1: Unmarked cartridge, necked, bullet diam. 13.4 mm, neck diam. 14.9 mm, bottom of the cart. diam. 16.5 mm, rim diam. 18.7 mm, OAL 54.2 mm, shell length 42.4 mm.
2:Marked cartridge, markings are III. 0. 74. B., bullet diam. 14.1 mm, cartridge diam. 16.3 mm, rim diam. 20.1mm, shell length 40mm, OAL 51.9 mm
My calipers are old, and maybe some of the dimensions are off by little. Pictures below…


Sorry for the crap pictures, I will upload better ones when my camera is around.
Any help IDing is appreciated.


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Just a guess but your #2 cartridge might be a 15.24 x 40mmR M1867 Russian Krnka cartridge.


Thanks for the reply, man. I’ve been scouring the net for 3 days now :D It does look like a krnka cartridge, actually. i have a couple more with different dimensions, gonna post some pics and dimensions as soon as i can. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  1. looks like the short case version of the .577" Snider ctg. IIRC Winchester made large quantities of this round for Turkey c1877.

Out of 2 that look the same as number 1, the difference between them is that one is 3 mm longer. One is 51 mm, the other is 54mm. Generally they all vary in dimensions. I dont know why is that, I guess they were for different rifles, but they look exactly the same in construction… Thanks for the reply.
Merry Christmas!

As per the hs you gave it should be a Russian 6-line (15.24mm) Krnka.

What is the price range for these cartridges? They are in pretty good shape, upon disassembly of one krnka that had a damaged bullet there was no corrosion inside and the bp was still shinny and upon ignition burned like fresh bp… Btw, thanks for the replies, You really guided me in my research of these rounds…