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New to the site…I have been collecting for a little while…mostly Canadian and American shotgun ammo the stuff my dad who grew up in the 60s talked of…Imperials and such. Recently came across a box of stuff I amassed as a teen. I understand it won’t be worth anything but just curious as to what some of it is.

anybody ever run into one of these?..22 lr for comparison.

Here’s a few more

the one on left?what’s the deal with the bullet on this 44 wcf?

9 mm Flobert. Mini shotshell

44 wcf on left…22 lr on right…the one in the middle no markings

And a few military


44 Gamegetter

Sorry for the blurry pics…

1st Military round is a Dominion Arsenal .303 British caliber mark 7 ball cartridge made in Québec, used in the Lee-Enfield series rifles among many others, and standard through both World Wars and beyond, 1942 is the date. The second Military rounds are Frankford Arsenal (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) .30-'06 caliber American cartridges, I would guess at the M1 ball cartridge as the date looks to me like 32 but its difficult to make out in the photo. They are used in the M1903 Springfield and M1 Garand rifles among many others, your clip is of the type used in the M1903 & M1917 rifles.


second ctg is .25 Stevens RF

I think this is the 7mm version, by comparison to the 22 LR :)

Thx guys…more info than I was expecting.

this is the stuff I usually pick up.

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A 7mm version is one I do not know about. Please explain, thanks.

Hi, I think I can explain.
savage is talking about the first pictured cartridges. A 7mm version of Flobert. It took me awhile, until I seen he was replying to Peppers red apple.
I thought the second type picture was a .22 WRF. Here is a picture of:


.25 Stevens, .22 WRF, .22 LR, 5mm?, 7mm,and 9mm Floberts.


Yep! Don’t think many 7mm shot were used in U.S. - mostly Europe. The 9mm did have a following for a while and were produced by Winchester (Canada) as I remember.

I see my mini shotshell is a fair bit shorter than the one you posted. We’re there several different lengths?

For many of the rimfire shots cartridges there was a single and then a double load. different lengths!

Flobert shot loading’s were manufactured in 5.6mm / 6mm 7mm, 8mm & 9mm.
And Floberts can be found in ball, shot, (in single and double charge), proof and dummy loads. (Perhaps not all these loads for each case type but all are known in some)