ID French smoke Grenade


Shown below is another one of my Flea market buys, I paid 50 pence for this smoke Grenade. It is inert, as it is too light to be live and the fuse unscrews revealing it to be empty. I believe it is French as I bought it from a Frenchman selling some French military stuff. I also think the markings look French. Sorry about the poor quality picture.

The body is cardboard, painted grey with a purple stripe around it, presumably indicating the colour of the smoke. The body is marked, in painted purple lettering:

Gr Lac 64
CB (in circle)

The fuse is made from pot metal, with a galvanised steel fly-off lever and pin. On the side of the fuse body it is marked “SAE” over “12”. On the top of the fuse body it is marked “2,5s”, presumably the delay. The fly-off lever is marked “SAE” over “3” over “74”

Can anyone tell me any more information about this such as correct designation, manufacturer and age. This is a long way outside my usual field, but I figured I couldn’t go wrong for 50 pence.


Lacrymatory grenade


So in fact not coloured smoke but tear gas. I should have remembered that purple indicates an irritant agent on NATO munitions. Is it French?


this grenade is French


Thanks, I presume 69 on the bottom line is a date? All I need to know now is the official designation.


Wouldn’t the official designation be the French-language version of Grenade, Lacrymatory 64 (or Model 64) as marked on it? Just a guess. I don’t know anything about these things. Guess what, they are totally illegal in California. Is that a surprise?


Thanks for your input John, a live one would also be illegal in the UK, but an inert one is little more than a cardboard container with metal bases that cookies or crackers might come in. Is breathing illegal in California yet?


Not yet Falcon, but I think that may be coming in the next legislative session.


Do you have those Pringles potato chips in the USA? This grenade is made in exactly the same way as the container they come in, that is the food I was trying to think of that comes in this sort of tin. So if you painted up one of those tins with “DANGER ASSAULT GRENADE MUNITION EXPLOSIVE” it would probably be a felony to own!


Breathing no !
but :
smoking within 200 yards from a gas station, in any restaurant, discotheque or bar, on the terrasse of these restaurants, within 400 yards from an official building (police, hospital, aso) , on the beach, within 40 yards of an administration employee (in some counties) , in backyard (in some counties) and even in your home if you have a baby (in some counties),and so on is forbidden.
What a beautifull fredom state !
(the fact you see a big cloud of pollution on LA as soon as you arrive 200 miles from it and all the studies proof living overthere is equivalent to smoke 2 packets of cigarettes a day change nothing !)

We can discuss of a lot of things forbidden in California (I am wondering every time I go overthere what is not forbidden in fact) but it is not the topic and John can tell you better than me.

The only funny thing I remember was in Los Angeles in 1993 during the riots.All the white people coming to the gunshops to buy a gun because the b…s (this is no politicaly correct !!!, lets say the Afro-Americans) were burning the houses, and therefore they wanted to defend themselves.
No problem.
But there was a 20 days (if I remember well) waiting period !
Imagine the face of all these people and the one of the gunshop owner telling them they have voted for this law and now they had to support the consequences !!

Anyway don’t go to california Falcon if you are interested about guns and ctges.
The tracers, incendiary, and so on are forbidden.
The Californian ctges meeting moved to Arizona if I am right.

The biggest gun show in the word which was in LA has now moved to Arizona.

Assault weapons, are forbidden and even most of the military vehicules !!
(I remember driving from LA to Prescott (7 hours) and just arriving overthere obliged to go back to LA to pick up an Hammer and then to come back to Prescott (it is more than 7 hours with a genuine hammer!) !!!
All that because police started to confiscate some armored vehicles at the end of the show !

Anyway it is a state of freedom. The bad thing is they export all this s… all over tyhe word.
Lol !


I removed my response as it would have been edited. All I will say is the situation in California is a sorry state of affairs, I feel sorry for all ordinary people forced to live under absurd liberal diktat.


To day, everybody knows that to live in Californbia necessites a very strong character…as it is actually uncredible to have to cope with so many stupid and absurd regulations…

But the fault is for the equally stupid and small-minded people who voted this insanities. They have now what they deserve, so I think that the question is no, amidst many others, alas!. Anyway, as a foreigner, I will not go farther in a debate in which I am not concerned.
I will say that it is not of my business either, the only consequence being that I will manage in the future to avoid as far as possible, any stay in this once nice and beautyful country. And I am afraid that it will be the same for a good number of tfriends or tourists from our old degenerate European countries.

After all, Freedom, I suppose, may also exist somewhere else. I will also ask my Californian friends to excuse this unpleasant statements, as I have a great feeling of frustration and deep regret when I think to them.

But to day my post will only concern Falcon’s grenade, as it was the reason of his question…

This French item is a Modele 64 Tear Gas Hand and Rifle Grenade. It could be thrown by hand in the configuration shown here on the picture, or with a specal cup launcher adapted to some obsolete French rifles, like the MAS Mle 36, MAS Mle 36/51, Mle 49/56 and also foreign ones like the German G3.

It was put in service to replace the former and lighter [b]Grenade Lacrymog


This might be of interest:


Thanks Phillipe for the info.

EOD, I found that guide online earlier on, from that the correct designation is “Gr Lac 64 CB”