ID German Drilling Cartridge


I have been asked to ID the calibre of a German drilling, 20x20x unknown CF ctg. The arm is a hammer gun under lever made c1870-1900. The previous owner formed some cases from 33 WCF brass.
The formed cases measure

Rim .536"
Base .485"
Neck .453"
CL 2.06"

Could not find this ctg in DWM catalogue 1904.

Can anyone ID it?


This sounds like a 10.75x52R Gründig which was used in Drillings. This cartridge was not produced by DWM.

I will use this post to make a point re dimensions. If the IAA truely wants to consider itself “International” then it should insist that all dimensions are given as “International” ie using the metric system. Imperial measurements could also be used but always have metric dimensions as well.


I agree with WBD concerning the use of BOTH metric and imperial dimensions. With todays modern calipers all it takes is a push of a button to switch from one measurement to the other. If your using an older caliper without duel measurement capability, the conversion is not hard to compute.


I have this one listed as: 10.75x52R Dornheim (Grundig). It measures very close to Orange’s dimensions with:

.540" Rim
.486" Base
.453" Neck
2.045" Case
.424" Dia. Projectile
2.777" OAL



Many of those old European drillings contained an anti boar cartridge not for hunting per se (although they always had that option) but for defense against attack. Much the same as a hunter in the North American woods might fear a bear attack. Boars and bears although different in size and nature represent much the same sort of threat to a two legged hunter incapable of out running either. And both will eat you down to the crunchy bits leaving nothing behind.


many drillings were also chambered for a cartridge capable of long / medium range shooting.

Where I live the Browning BAR and the 12/12/ 7 x 65R drilling are the most used weapons for boar hunting.
I have also seen some drilling rifles chambered for the 6 X 62 R Freres or the 6,5 x 68 R

Anyway I agree with you, the third rifled barrel can be very useful in some cases…that third barrel nearly saved my life from a wounded boar about 8 years ago…