ID headstamp

Hello, found a new round today.

Headstamp is “250-3000 SA,CORP”

Some searching online showed a .250 savage? But not sure as half the case is missing. If it is a .250 savage what does the 3000 stand for/mean.

I was also wondering manufacturer, and a aproximate time period in which this may have been produced?

Cheers Hamish

.250/3000 Savage, Savage Arms Corporation.
This caliber was eventually necked down to .22 to become the .22/250.
Regards Ozzi.

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3000 Ft. Per Second

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For a long time, Savage sold ammo in calibers for which their guns were chambered under the Savage label. .303 Savage, .300 Savage, .250-3000 Savage etc.

As krag56 notes the 3000 was the velocity in FPS & it was on the headstamp as it was the first so-advertised production to reach that velocity. Although I believe only some production actually made that threshold & most production by most makers was just slight under 3000 fps

The three thousand was reached with the 87 grain bullet, a light bullet better suited to varmint hunting. It was the 100 gr. bullet, with a slight loss in vel, that was the load for general hunting. Charles Newton, who developed the round, felt Savage adopted the 87 gr. for its advertising value rather than utility. Jack