ID help 1

HI All

I got this round. Head dia = 0.669, 2.521 long, Lead bullet, dia = about 0.440. Made of thin brass. Primer - copper. Found in the River Thames in London. I can not find anything about him. No HS. I appreciate every information





Looks like a rolled case 577/450 Martini Henry with the steel rim rusted away.

There is nothing steel. Everything is non-magnetic. But actually the similarity is great. I’m curious about the lack of rimm. There are no traces of removal. It will probably be 577 Martini. But after the passages :-)

Thanks Orange !

I agree with Orange it is a MH. The original rim is undercut / beveled around the primer pocket / cap chamber / rivet so that the “flap” will be even with the base / head of the case. You can see where the rivet / cap chamber “flap” is bent upwards, this would allow the rim to detach, even before it had a chance to rust away.

That is a very neat Abraham & Bayless pat. shot shell, 1st one of those I’ve seen. Should you wish to part with it ? Please let me know.

I’ve heard the story that Herby Woodend dumped his first ammunition collection into the Thames. Perhaps this was part of it?

Rafal, the teel part (disc) forming the rim is completely gone, this is what Orange tried to say.

I think so too that 100 years in the river has done its job.
I will not part with Abraham for now :-) I see that this is a rare thing. Cases I got from a friend from London. He is a Mudlark :-)
Does anyone have any pictures and dimensions of the length of the case?