ID help 2

HI All again :-)

I got this round. Head dia = 0.284, 1.380 long, Brass or brass coat bullet, dia = about 0.206. Brass case. RF. Found in the River Thames in London. I can not find anything about him. a bit similar to 25 Stevens RFR. No HS. I appreciate every information




22 Velo Dog inside primed is my best guess


It’s got the right shape and length for Velo Dog, too bad the headstamp isn’t readable.

Thanks Rimfire and Strelok,

I immediately got light in my head :-)
You say that the internal primer, not RF. But I think that only M Gaupillat did. The rest was probably CF. HS unfortunately destroyed the river for 100 years :-( But nice curio in the collection.

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