ID help 7.62 x 51 blank = tear gas grenade blank by SAE Alsetex

I’m a new member and I’m belgian . I’m not a collector but I have few ammo for which I seek indentification .

7.62 Nato blank with SAE stamp , which manufacturer and country ??? I have some books but I didn’t found identification of these letters .


SAE could be:

Société Alsacienne des Explosifs,

a French made 7,62 x 51 Nato round (I guess)


The blank was most likely made by the French company SAE Alsetex. I’ve seen the above explanation of SAE, but based on the company’s website an alternative could be Societe d’Armement et d’Etudes.


SAE is for sure Alsetex, but the correct name is: “Société Alsacienne (d’)Etude & (d’)Exploitation (ALSETEX), Precigne, France”
(image taken from: Repertoire des sigles ateliers - Forces armées françaises - 1987)

Are any other cartridges known with hs “SAE”?
I doubt Alsetex would have established a production line just to make blanks since since it is a traditional manufacturer of pyrotechnics. Maybe it is even no blank but a propelling cartridge for one of their many rifle grenades where they have ordered NPE brass from elsehwere to load it themselfes.

Also the hs format looks like what we have seen before from MEN blanks (and maybe other loads).
PA and 3x120° primer crimp are also similar.
Maybe Belg can provide us with a better hs image (or at least 600 dpi (preferably higher) scan?
Before the storm breaks loose: I am not saying that this IS a MEN product.
My point is that one could look out for possible other manufacturers than Alsetex.

Thank you all for your responses . It is true that, as this firm sells equipments for law enforcement , it is logical that it could be a prop. and not a blank cartridge .

better headstamp image :


Belg, thanks for the new try. Do you maybe have a scanner to use?

thank you for the info
The quality is much better with a scanner , in 600ppp


This is a tear gas grenade blank by SAE Alsetex, which they offered in other calibers as well, like 12 ga. and .357 Magnum (all using contract made cases/cartridges). Also, they offered grenade adapters cups for 5.56x45, 7.5x54 and 7.62x39 rifles (see image below), but I have never seen boxes for these cartridges identified with a SAE lot.

Regarding the company’s designation, the “Société Alsacienne d’Études et d’Exploitation Alsetex” became “Société d’Armement et d’Études Alsetex” (SAE Alsetex) in 1973. The code identification list was not updated.

And regarding the manufacturer of the case/cartridge, I believe that it may have been FNM in Portugal, because of the primer crimp, sealant, and an identical “short leg 9” found in headstamps made by them around this date.




Hi Belg. Do you have any photo of the box, or package?

Fede, this was a FNM production for SAE Alsetex. That´s a fact.
Is there any way of getting pictures of the box?

Seems my doubts about an actual SAE production were justified…

Hi Nuno, I don’t have a color picture but here is a b/w copy of the label:



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Thanks a lot Fede. Best regards