ID Help ! Alu, case?

Hi All

I have a problem with the ID of one thing. I found it many years ago.
It is not a cartridge in the full word meaning. Rather propelent (I think so)
Aluminum case. The hole in the bottom is sealed with aluminum foil and painted red from the outside. Inside the foil lies a cloth bag, streaked with a thick thread with black powder ( I think). Powder rods are placed on the bag. Mouth covered with a cardboard disk with a hole dia 11.60 mm. Next layer of aluminum foil and the whole painted red.
Anyone have any idea what it can be? And what was it for?
My ideas are over :-( It may be Soviet or Polish production … I’m not sure. No HS or other markings.
I will appreciate every help in explaining this problem :-)

20190107_103839 20190107_103852 20190107_103902 20190107_103933 20190107_103956 20190107_104022 20190107_104326 20190107_104351 20190107_104519 20190107_104544

All dim in mm.


Rafal, not having the answer it appears that the propellant is of a slow burning type and sowith the item should be a propelling unit. Most likely a CAD and there for aircraft. It does not appear very Russian (they usually use brass cases in such applications).
Just my opinion.

Thank`s Alex

Nothing more? No idea? Is there another unexplained mysterious round?


Possibly a FW190 canopy ejection charge?.

I’m sure i have seen similar around on the web, just can’t find anything now.

Strictly a guess.
Since the base does not have a primer, but is covered with a thin foil and inside there is a bag (presumably black powder) this must depend on an external source of ignition.
Perhaps this is used inside an artillery shell or similar as an expelling charge. A time fuze would provide an ignition source, amplified by the black powder in the bag to ignite the cordite. The resulting pressure would expel “cargo” in the shell, such as an illuminating flare, smoke material, sub munitions, etc. If illuminating or smoke, the flame from the cordite would provide an ignition source.

John, in my view this one here as per the propellant type is way more propelling (slow) than expelling.

If t had a primer, I would think it might be a Schermuly type line throwing impulse/ignition cartridge, but without a primer it has to depend on an external ignition source to get things started, and I don’t know what would provide that.
Mystery to me. Hope someone else can ID it.