ID Help: Danish HMAK 5.56mm black tip

Looking for help to ID this round. Here is a photo of the box. The rounds come on plastic clips and tips are painted black, brass is marked “223” and “T”. The primer is tripple crimped and has black sealant.

The case (cartridge) was made by Thun - Switzerland

Armour piercing cartridges

Is it similar to M995 with tungsten penetrator?

This is the same cartridge designated by RUAG as “Swiss P Armour Piercing” and it differs from the M995. For example, it weighs 63 gr, has no aluminum cup and the core alloy is made of tungsten, carbon and cobalt.

Here’s a couple of images to illustrate the shape of the core.


Paul, great sectioning!

It would be interesting to see a video in slow motion of that round impacting a hard surface.