ID Help DWM K K 394

Not sure which one this is, Dutch or Romanian, but I think it is Dutch. Just need verification. Thanks!

It is a 6.5x53R Romanian M. 93 cartridge. The Dutch variant belong to the 395 series.



Thanks Fede. The IAA price guide has the DWM 394B listed at a value of $125. Why?

A number of things can effect value, the most common effect on something is often production numbers, and that is true in this case. 394B is the M/93 Romanian Ogival where the rim is a little bigger; 13.4mm vs 13,45mm. And there are other DWM letters in the series, C, D & E.
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Thanks Pete. I was wondering what the 394B variation was that made it so much more valuable than the 394. I’m assuming that the 394 was just the original production round with nothing special about it. I do not have any books on the DWM rounds and I could not find much on the net about the variations.

Hi fredh46
DWM numbers rarity are, I think, almost totally driven by surviving examples & production numbers. One would think items like the .303" British, or the 7.62x54R M.N. or the .577/450 M.H. would be easy & cheap to find, but not so.